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'DCD offered me an incredible moral support, my self esteem improved because they were providing me with a structure to take steps forward'

Ana Luján Sánchez, DCD supported dancer. Read more of Ana's story here

Dancers' Career Development empowers dancers to excel in a post-performance career of their choice.

DCD is the only organisation of its kind in the UK and is a world leader in dancer transition

2013 marks DCD's 40th Anniversary and since it's founding DCD has supported over 1,800 professional dancers to take the first steps towards succeeding in a post-performance career.

The Company Division of our work is funded through annual contributions from nine major dance companies who contribute to the DCD Company Fund. The Independent Trust receives no funding from the Government and relies heavily on contributions from like-minded organisations, foundations, corporations and individuals.

By contributing to our work, you can make crucial investment in dancers, the dance industry and society in general.

We provide professional dancers with:

* Independent, confidential one to one consultations and a safe space to discuss transition

* A variety of transition support service including Psychometric Testing and Networking with other dancers who may have chosen a similar career path

* The opportunity to apply for a financial retraining grant.

We are a registered charity and all of our services are offered free of charge. Find out more by clicking on one of the options below:

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No matter how much you give, or how, each donation will make a life-changing difference to a dancer

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