Reach ambassadors

Ambassador Programme

DCD’s REACH Ambassador’s programme
is the first of its kind in the world.

REACH is an entirely unique opportunity for dancers to influence and shape DCD’s current and future offerings for DCD Partner Companies, making a direct impact on dancers’ lives both now and in the long-term.

'As Ambassadors we can contribute to spreading the seeds for more open communication about dancers’ careers beyond dance, and so establish a more open culture for the future in the entire industry.'

Edit Domoszlai, Rambert

We are delighted to announce the 2021-22 cohort of REACH Ambassadors from across DCD’s Partner Companies and participants on our new support programme for Hip Pop artists, SHIFT . . .

L-R T-B Top Line

Naya Lovell Rambert

Aisling Brangan Scottish Ballet

Bottom Line

Sean Bates Northern Ballet

Willam Bracewell The Royal Ballet

L-R T-B Top Line

Grace Paulley Scottish Ballet

Stina Quagebeur English National Ballet

Bottom Line

Isaac Ouro-Gnao SHIFT

Simone Damberg-Wurtz Rambert

L-R T-B Top Line

Laura Day Birmingham Royal Ballet

Conor O’Kane SHIFT

Bottom Line

Jennie Harrington English National Ballet

Sarah Chun Northern Ballet

L-R T-B Top Line

Matthew Broadbent Scottish Ballet

Vanessa Marina SHIFT

Bottom Line

Heather Lehan Northern Ballet

Edit Domoszlai Rambert

Every 2-3 years, DCD recruits a team of highly motivated, well-connected and supportive REACH Ambassadors to help increase overall engagement with professional dancers across the UK. This diverse working group provides insight into the specific needs of DCD Partner Company dancers and helps to shape dancer-driven programmes, ensuring that the organisation continues to provide the most relevant and useful support possible. We also aim to promote and develop a positive culture around career development and transition in the UK dance sector.

DCD Company Ambassadors will gain the opportunity to stretch and strengthen their leadership, communication and organisational skills, as well as a chance to widen their network. They’ll gain valuable experience for their CV and build visibility and reputation within company.

As an organisation committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, DCD actively encourages applications from dancers at all stages of their career, of all backgrounds, cultures and lived experiences.

Every year, our REACH Ambassadors will . . .

Represent their fellow dancers’ needs
Encourage other dancers to engage with DCD’s programmes
Advocate for DCD’s work and how it meets dancer’s needs
Contribute to the discussion and development of DCD’s programmes to dancers
Heighten awareness, aspirations, support and interest in DCD’s work


Since REACH launched in 2018, we have seen . . .

100% of REACH Ambassadors noticing a shift in culture/attitudes around career development in their company and the sector
92% increase in company dancers applying for Career Exploration Grants
48% increase in company dancers taking part in the DCD Coaching Programme

Not only can you get information from your REACH Ambassador about DCD’s support, you can also let them know your feedback and suggestions for how DCD can help you.