Other sources of support

DCD are here to support all professional dancers in the UK in their transition into an alternative career after retiring from performance.

Click on the below to find more organisations and national dance bodies and agencies that could offer additional practical, financial, emotional and psychological support for performing artists:



Please note that organisations listed do not necessarily imply endorsement from DCD or vice versa, but are included here as a guide of alternative support that dance artists may find helpful.

You can also contact the Theatre Helpline for free and confidential support available 24/7 provided by SOLT and UK Theatre to anyone working in theatre and the performing arts in the UK.

Theatre Helpline can provide advice and support on challenges including:

  • Bullying or harassment
  • Health issues including mental health
  • Injury and mobility problems
  • Issues with employment or unemployment
  • Career issues including professional development and training
  • Retirement and care in later life
  • Debt and financial issues

Call 0800 915 4617 or email advice@theatrehelpline.org.

A direct difference

Help dancers take their next step in their careers beyond performance.