Retraining Grants

DCD’s Retraining Grants can help support dancers with the practical costs of transitioning into a new career.

Dancers may choose to transfer their skills to another area of dance, or pursue a different career altogether. Whether your goal is to become an artistic director or an architect, we can give the guidance and financial support to gain the skills required for a successful and satisfying career path.

DCD grants can be used towards a range of costs related to retraining, from course and training fees, equipment, books and materials and maintenance to travel and child care costs.

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DCD and Dance Professionals Fund  are working together to support freelance and independent dancers with essential financial costs while retraining.

Here are answers to questions you may have about how these grants work.

The Retraining Bursaries are up to £3,000 per application per charity.

The deadline to apply is 15 June 2022.

For more information, please read our full guidelines and book a one to one conversation.

What are we looking for?
To approve your application for a Retraining Grant, we will need to see strong evidence of the following:

  • That you meet the eligibility criteria
  • A genuine interest in the field as a new long-term career path
  • A well thought through, considered application
  • Comprehensive research into the field and possible pathways into it
  • Potential and aptitude for a career in the field of choice
  • A realistic retraining plan with a timeframe
  • That completing the retraining plan would demonstrably lead to employment and/or development of your career beyond performing
  • That you can cover any costs related to undertaking the retraining plan that DCD cannot cover

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