DCD is the charity that’s here for all dancers when they need us most – from every dance genre, every background, across the UK and at every career stage. We support dancers through personal and professional change – breaking down barriers to career progression and sustainability through retraining grants, workshops, coaching and mentoring.

DCD supports all freelance and independent dancers. Over the last five years (April 2018-April 2022):

  • 292 independent dancers have had a 1:1 conversation with DCD
  • DCD have delivered 1,159 FREE one to one coaching sessions for individual independent dancers
  • 380 independent dancers have attended a FREE digital EVOLVE workshop; 36 independent dancers attended a live EVOLVE event (pre-pandemic)
  • 212 independent dancers have attended a Skills for Life workshop (opened to freelance and independent dancers from January 2021)
  • £246,392 has been awarded to 166 independent dancers via retraining grants.

A direct difference

Help dancers take their next step in their careers beyond performance.