Clore Fellowship Grants

DCD, with support from the Linbury Trust, supports dancers to undertake the Clore Leadership Programme Dance Fellowship, as well other courses.

The Clore Leadership Programme was set up in order to help develop a generation of exceptional cultural leaders.

The Dance Fellowship is a unique programme of cultural leadership development that seeks to enrich and transform cultural practice and engagement. The programme includes a number of core activities and a loose framework to support your individual development as a cultural leader over a period of around 7 months.

The Fellowship is self-guided so you’ll need to be highly motivated and deeply curious.

It is primarily experiential, underpinned by contemporary leadership theories. You’ll learn from the experiences of guest speakers and your peers, and gain insights about yourself from practical workshops and through your secondment, mentoring and coaching. You’ll extend your knowledge and understanding of the wider cultural sector through dialogue, inquiry, study visits, conferences and meetings, and increase your skills and acumen through courses and individual training as part of your unique development plan.

For information regarding costs, eligibility and how to apply, please visit The Clore Leadership Programme’s website:

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