EVOLVE Workshops across the UK

'All dancers need to come to EVOLVE, it doesn't matter what stage you're at in your career, it's important to start thinking about who else you are, outside of dance'


Rachael Nanyonjo,
Independent dance artist

EVOLVE is a full day workshop for professional dancers exploring life beyond a dance career, offering practical tools, insight and inspiration

  • Explore the journey of a dancer’s career with like-minded people
  • Get the tools to develop your own personal action plan and discover your potential
  • Learn how to manage a lifelong career beyond performance
  • Enjoy the unique opportunity to hear personal transition stories from DCD retrained dancers, ask questions and gain a network of peers

EVOLVE workshops are open to all dancers – from final year students to those with years of professional experience who are exploring the next stage, to those who are already post-transition.

Even if you’re not planning to transition in the near future, EVOLVE can support you to feel prepared for your long term future.

Dancers from all genres of professional dance are welcome, from classical and contemporary to musical theatre and commercial.


DCD offers EVOLVE workshops across the UK, including in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds and London.

Look out for our next EVOLVE workshop here or register anytime by emailing us at dancers@thedcd.org.uk.

Check out what dancers thought of DCD’s EVOLVE workshops at #DCDEVOLVE!

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