1  I am a dance teacher, can I apply?

This bursary is specifically for professional dance artists who have at least 6 years paid experience of performing. We understand that your employment history and CV may include teaching which will be recognised but the onus for applicants is to demonstrate (through their CV) that they have been primarily employed as a dancer (across a variety of context including, but not limited to, stage, tv, film, festivals, battles etc.) in a performance capacity for at least 6 years.

2  What can I use the £2k grant for?

This grant can be used towards the cost of course fees or training programmes as well as programmes of self-study.

Self-study is a programme of learning you have put together yourself that relies on gaining time/access and skills from individuals in a different career. It may include things such as shadowing, work experience, attendance at industry workshops/1:1 training)

All uses of the £2k need to evidence how this will help the applicant explore and potentially transition to a new career field.

All costs must be provided (including costs of self-study programmes) in the budget template provided.

Care-giving costs can be included in the use of the grant but this should not total more than 50% of the total grant amount.

3  I have less than 6 years professional dance performance experience can I apply?

No, unfortunately you will be ineligible for this scheme.

4  I am a Hip Hop dancer but haven’t performed on stage as part of a show that is included in the artistic programme of a theatre – can I apply?

Yes, we recognise that 6 years of experience as a Hip Hop dancer may not include performing in a show presented in a theatre.

5  Will I be responsible for the grant and paying course fees/experts?

DCD will manage payment of the grant, and this will be paid directly to the course provider or the person/organisation selected to support self study.

6  If I have already received a Financial Grant from DCD can I still apply?

No, this is for individuals who have not yet received financial support from DCD.

7  If I am successful on this programme can I reapply for future programmes or future DCD financial support?

No, you will not be able to reapply for future financial support from DCD. However, you may still access DCD’s free programme of support for all artists. More info here:

8  Will I receive feedback on my application if it is unsuccessful?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

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