EVOLVE Workshops allow all professional dancers to discover their potential, unlock new possibilities and explore pathways in an energised, open and safe environment.


  • London - Sunday 23 April 2017, in partnership with DCD Contributing Company Rambert

  • Leeds - Monday 15 May 2017, in partnership with DCD Contributing Company Northern Ballet

  • Glasgow - Saturday 2 September, in partnership with DCD Contributing Company Scottish Ballet

  • London’s West End - Monday 20 November, at The Prince of Wales Theatre, supported by Delfont Mackintosh

"All dancers need to come to EVOLVE, it doesn't matter what stage you're at in your career, it's important to start thinking about who else you are, outside of dance". Rachael Nanyonjo, Independent dance artist

Trailer created by DCD supported dancer Daniel Jones.. See films from other EVOLVE Workshops here.

Open to dancers from all genres of professional dance - from classical, contemporary to musical theatre and commercial.

EVOLVE is a full day workshop giving you the chance to:

  • Explore career transition with confidence and positivity
  • Think and talk about the journey of a dancer's career with like-minded people
  • Be inspired by real life stories from DCD retrained dancers
  • Reflect on your own achievements and strengths
  • Get the tools to develop your own personal action plan and discover your potential
  • Learn how to manage a life long career beyond performance
  • Feel supported and expand your network

Featuring high-profile DCD alumni sharing their experience of transition, the EVOLVE Workshops are facilitated by Isabel Mortimer. Isabel enjoyed an extremely successful 22 year career as a professional dancer and choreographer and is a DCD beneficiary, certified Personal and Executive Coach CPCC and a graduate of the prestigious Clore Leadership Programme.

Participants will enjoy the unique opportunity to hear personal transition stories from DCD retrained dancers and ask questions, gain a network of peers and take away a personal action plan to help you to navigate a successful, life-long career journey, beyond performance.

The workshops are open to all dancers from final year students to those with years of professional experience who are exploring the next stage. Even if you're not planning to transition in the near future, EVOLVE can support you to feel prepared for your long term future.

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EVOLVE designs by DCD beneficiary Joe Walkling, featuring photography by DCD beneficiary Johan Persson

Photo credits: DCD beneficiary Nicole Guarino

Feedback on EVOLVE London #1

"Thank you for a wonderful workshop! It was directed with such a positive, warm, encouraging and exciting spirit! I felt a huge weight slip off my shoulders by seeing the support offered by DCD and listening to the inspiring beautiful stories of lovely dancers at different points in their careers." Annabeth Berkeley, independent dancer

"There was a great energy and great support feeling in the room - nobody was there to judge. The DCD has given me so much already - thank you!" Rebecca Lee, former Musical Theatre dancer

"I experienced many others going through the transition. Became less isolated and more confident with myself." Kirill Burlov, Rambert dancer

"Thank you for this inspiring, energised and resourceful day." Anna-Lise Marie Hearn, The Fi.ELD, East London Dance

"It was a great moment to reflect. Really well organised - the details count and really stood out." EVOLVE participant

"A wonderful morning with beautiful dancers and inspirational individuals." Daniel Jones, former English National Ballet dancer

"I gained further tools to focus on decision making, self evaluation and reflection. The significance of seeing events positively. I felt the workshop was run and facilitated very well." Deborah Jones, former Royal Ballet dancer

"I learnt to trust and have confidence in myself as an artist, to value my craft and skills and have faith." Ellie Harulow, Dance Student

"It was fantastic and I think applicable to a range of stages. Thank you so much, it is so useful to know DCD have been there to help me navigate my transition. I am so grateful that you exist!" Simone Muller-Lotz, Independent dancer

"It is so good to know that other dancers are struggling with the same issues and it is encouraging to hear other people's stories and thoughts on the topic. A workshop like this is invaluable support. Sharing with other dancers is very inspiring." Joanna Wenger, Independent dancer

"Excited! Inspired. Calmed. Less daunted." EVOLVE participant

"I learnt am not alone and that I have abilities and skills the I'm proud of, and can be drawn upon to move me forward." Amy Swalwell, The FI.ELD, East London Dance

"Tenacity, letting go, and that I am not alone in this journey. I am looking forward to MOVING FORWARD!" Julius Ebreo, Musical Theatre dancer