Our Impact

DCD in numbers

Support dancers from All genres

Supported over 3,000 dancers across the UK

Supported over 800 dancers in the last year alone

Nearly 50 years’ experience

Dancers from 9 regions from across the UK have accessed DCD support

6 of the UK’s leading dance companies partner with DCD

Deliver face to face support and workshops in 5 cities across the UK

Demand has trebled in the last 5 years

Only 1 organisation of our kind in the UK

Dancers’ Career Development is the go to organisation, and the only one of its kind in the UK, for all professional dancers regarding career transition.

No one else understands dancer transition like we do – DCD has supported over 2,500 dancers in nearly 50 years, succeeding in a range of diverse careers, from medicine, photography and film to management, fashion and floristry.

DCD supports dancers from all genres of dance, from ballet to contemporary and hip hop to musical theatre. We support the development of all dancers as confident and dynamic individuals, empowering dancers to build sustainable, long term and successful careers.

No two dancers’ journeys are the same, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to career transition. DCD offers bespoke support which keeps the individual dancer at the heart of all that we do.

We make a direct impact on dancers’ lives.

Our reach – UK

DCD’s range of support programmes reaches dancers across the whole of the UK.

Our programmes continue to expand, bringing support including Coaching and DCD Alumni events as well as EVOLVE and Resilience Training workshops to dancers in Birmingham, Leeds, London, Scotland and Wales.

Our reach – International

Taking an active part in the global conversation around career transition for dancers is an integral part of DCD’s work.

As the first organisation of our kind worldwide, DCD shares best practice and learnings with international colleagues drawn from our unique experience of supporting dancers in transition since 1973.

DCD is a founding member of the International Organisation for the Transition of Professional Dancers (IOTPD) – the international network of organisations dedicated to offering professional dancers the resources and support they need when facing the end of their performance career and preparing to pursue a new career.

Each year, leaders from Transition Centres around the world, who together form the IOTPD, come together to discuss trends, challenges and to ask questions of ourselves and each other, always with the aim of ensuring a cohesive and global voice for dancers in transition beyond a performance career.

DCD is regularly invited to speak and contribute our expertise on career transition for dancers at conferences internationally in countries such as Poland, Spain and Belgium.

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Transition Centres and IOTPD members around the world include:

Help dancers take their next step in their careers beyond performance