Become a DCD Partner Company

Many of the UK’s leading dance companies partner with DCD.

Becoming a DCD Partner Company enables your company to make a direct impact on the lives of dancers you work with. Through a professional, robust and data-driven approach, DCD will add demonstrable value to your company.

Fostering a culture where the conversation about career transition is encouraged by the company, through a partnership with DCD, can lead to dancers to develop broader horizons, skills and interests. This has been shown to have a positive impact on dancers’ artistic practice whilst they continue to perform.

As a DCD Partner Company, dancers who are currently or have at some point been employed by your company have access to a range of exclusive support programmes, including bi-annual Company Visits, Resilience Training workshops, Career Exploration Grants and significantly reduced priced Coaching sessions. Company dancers also have access to all the support programmes which are offered to all dancers in the UK dance industry, at the same cost and eligibility criteria.

We pride ourselves on being innovative and agile, responding to the needs of the dancers and companies whom we support. We work together with our Partner Companies, whilst maintaining complete confidentiality with the dancers who come to us.


Kevin O'Hare

'For me, DCD is essential to our running of the company, because it’s as important as thinking about how we look after the dancers with healthcare, how we look after them with the teaching we give them. It’s all part of being a dancer'


Kevin O’Hare,
The Royal Ballet

DCD works closely with management and administrative teams to support the full company as well as the dancers, including through DCD HR Days and connecting professionals. We conduct company specific monitoring and bi-annual reporting to ensure DCD Partner Companies can clearly see the return on their investment into DCD.

We continue to expand our unique range of support programmes to meet the incredible demand from dancers across the UK, which has trebled over the last five years.

To find out how we can support your dancers, or how you can further support the work of DCD, please contact DCD Executive Director Jennifer Curry at or on 0207 831 1449.

Together we can make a life changing difference to professional dancers across the UK.

DCD Partner Companies

Help dancers take their next step in their careers beyond performance