Skills for Living

'As it says on the tin, some practical skills that can instantly be put into action'


Professional Dancer, ACT3 Skills for Living workshop attendee

DCD’s unique Skills for Living workshops, in partnership with and developed by ACT3 Psychology, provide professional dancers with psychological skills to help them navigate the challenges of their career.

Join former Royal Ballet Principal dancer Jaimie Tapper and Ross McIntosh, Organisational Psychologists and experts in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), for a series of online training events open to all current and former professional dancers in the UK regardless of genre, age and location.

These interactive sessions introduce and offer practice in key psychological skills linked to significant improvements in psychological health, performance and an energised sense of life purpose.

Jaimie and Ross will demonstrate how to use the ACT model to build psychological flexibility, creativity and resilience.

The workshops are fun and creative and will focus on teaching you how to use a full range of ACT techniques, that can be applied to a range of life challenges. The sessions will combine theory, discussion and practice of the key techniques. Participation is encouraged and everyone will leave with handy tools that can be used independently.

Dancers can register for multiple sessions. 

All sessions will take place via Zoom with closed captions. The session slides will be shared afterwards. For any other access needs please contact , we will be happy to support you.

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Notice : connecting to now

September 30th 1.30-3pm:

Humans spend almost half of their lives on autopilot – that is where our body is in one place, but our mind is elsewhere. It’s a human superpower that enables us to embark upon mental time travel; learning from the past, and planning for the future. Sometimes however, this time travel can overreach itself and turn into rumination and worry.

In this workshop, Organisational Psychologists Jaimie Tapper and Ross McIntosh discuss the value of strengthening our capacity to step out of autopilot and explore ways to connect with the present moment through mindfulness and other techniques.

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Purpose : finding direction

October 21st 1.30-3pm:

In this workshop, Jaimie and Ross will share evidence-based skills to help us navigate work environments and contexts. They’ll be leading an exploration of our personal values at work. Using evidence-based tools, we’ll be exploring what’s personally important about how we each ‘show up’ as people and dancers; and how we can bring these values to life in our behaviour, particularly in challenging times and when faced with difficult choices and decisions.

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Open : managing difficult thoughts and feelings

November 25th 1.30-3pm:

It’s entirely natural and human to experience difficult thoughts and feelings, such as anxiety. We’re not broken and we don’t need fixing.

In this workshop, Jaimie and Ross discuss the function of difficult thoughts and feelings and share techniques which can allow us to relate to them with more healthy psychological distance, leaving us with a bit more choice to pursue what matters to us.

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Balance : 6 ways to wellbeing

January 27th 1.30-3pm:

One way of conceptualizing life balance is to consider where our attention and energy is being spent. There is a large body of evidence suggesting that psychologically-healthy people tend to regularly engage in core life areas or behaviours. In this workshop, Jaimie and Ross guide us through an evidence-based framework for considering our engagement with 6 core areas likely to support our psychological health and functioning.

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