Low Income Bursaries


DCD is offering 18 new bursaries of up to £1,000 each for Independent dancers.


Independent dancers earning a total income of £20,000 per year (gross) or below can apply for an additional Low Income Bursary alongside their DCD Retraining Grant.

This could be an opportunity to double contributions towards your retraining, for example towards course fees or other costs, depending on the need.

This bursary aims to help ensure equality, diversity and recognition of the financial hardship that some dancers face.

Who is eligible:

This bursary is available to independent dancers earning earning a total income of £20,000 per year (gross) or below.

Independent dancers are all those professional dancers in the UK who are not currently or have not previously been employed by one of DCD’s partner companies. To see our Partner Companies, click here.

How to apply:

For information about how to apply and any other questions, contact us at dancers@thedcd.org.uk or on 0207 831 1449.



With thanks to the Royal Opera House Benevolent Fund, whose generous support has made this bursary possible.


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