DCD Retraining Grants – How to Apply

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You must make sure you book a one to one conversation with our Dancer Support & Programmes team at least one week before you submit your application. Contact us at dancers@thedcd.org.uk with your performance history CV to arrange your one to one conversation.

We are currently working with Dance Professionals Fund to provide financial support for dancers. You can apply to both charities and you may receive more funding as a result. Within any application, course fees will normally be prioritised by both charities although we can also support the cost of travel, equipment, accommodation and childcare if this will be a barrier to retraining.

To submit an application for a Retraining Grant to DCD, the following details need to be included:

  • A completed DCD application form
  • A CV demonstrating your eligibility for a Retraining Grant
  • A Personal Statement addressed to the Grants Committee
  • A detailed application budget (template provided)
  • A reference from someone who can confirm your suitability for your new career path (template provided)
  • Information on the course/equipment you are applying for

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What Are We Looking For?

To approve your application for a Retraining Grant, we will need to see strong evidence of the following:

  • That you meet the eligibility criteria
  • A genuine interest in the field as a new long-term career path
  • A well thought through, considered application
  • Comprehensive research into the field and possible pathways into it
  • Potential and aptitude for a career in the field of choice
  • A realistic retraining plan with a timeframe
  • That completing the retraining plan would demonstrably lead to employment and/or development of your career beyond performing
  • That you can cover any costs related to undertaking the retraining plan that DCD cannot cover

Then What?

  • Once an application has been reviewed by the Grants Committee, applicants will receive an email informing them of the outcome of their application.
  • If applicants are awarded a retraining grant they will also receive a DCD Funding Agreement, which outlines further details of their award.
  • The Funding Agreement needs to be read and signed by the Awardee and returned to DCD before any monies can be paid.

Award Changes and Deadlines:

Any changes (i.e. a change in training providers) to an award will have to be applied for in writing. Any award made by DCD will be valid for 12 months from the date it was approved, but a further 12 month extension may be applied for if necessary.

If you have any queries then please contact the Dancer Support & Programmes team by emailing us at dancers@thedcd.org.uk

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