Career Insights Programme

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'Giving dancers an experience of a new working environment will provide an exciting opportunity for those embarking on transition to explore other career options'


Kevin Muscat,
Designer and Founder Muscat Bridal

DCD’s ground breaking Career Insights Programme gives dancers across the UK the opportunity to experience a working environment outside of the studio.

With the need for practical experience being one of the most common obstacles dancers tell us they face when transitioning from a performance career, DCD is proud to offer this programme, the first of its kind in the UK dance sector.

The programme offers dancers paid placements in a range of companies and sectors to gain practical experience in a variety of different working environments, including with several successful companies founded by DCD supported dancers.

Dancers can gain experience and practical, transferable knowledge in key areas including: Marketing and PR, fashion design and production, general design studio assistant, flower design, social media strategy and implementation, administration and business management.

This programme offers dancers the opportunity to:

  • Explore new possibilities and get a clearer idea about your next step in transitioning into a post-performance career within a safe and supportive environment
  • Hear from inspirational guest speakers offering unique insight and advice
  • Benefit from informal Mentoring, designed to complement practical experience and exploration
  • Shadow other DCD supported dancers who have transitioned into new careers
  • Take part in three coaching sessions with a DCD Coach
  • Take part in Inspiration and Training Days

Partners of this programme include Facebook, Muscat Bridal, Bloomsbury Flowers, Sleek Technique, RiRi Productions, Everybody Ballet, JLee Productions and Mercurial Dance.

Look out for the next round of applications for our Career Insights Programme here.

This programme is generously supported by Nigel and Vicki Colne and DCD Partner Companies.

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