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We want every professional dancer in the UK to be able to access DCD’s support.

So many dancers hear about the support available simply by word of mouth – this is why you spreading the word about DCD could help make all the difference to another dancer’s life.

Here’s how you can help:

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Share Your Story

Inspire other dancers by sharing your experience of career transition and how DCD helped you. Send us a short video clip of you talking or one or two lines about your experience with some images of you dancing or in your new profession that we can share.

Share your story and experience of career transition by speaking at one of our workshops or events – hearing first hand about career transition from dancers is an incredibly powerful way to inspire other dancers to reach out to DCD.

Email hanna@thedcd.org.uk if this is something you’d like to do or with your video clip/text/images.

Spread the Word

Click here to download this ‘Supported by Dancers’ Career Development’ logo and include it on your website and materials.

Click on these links to download DCD flyers and posters you can display in your studios, changing rooms and offices:

You Don’t Have to Stop to Start

What Can DCD Do for You?

What Excites You Outside of Dance?

Mention how DCD supported you in any interviews or media work. Click here for some helpful guidelines and facts and stats about DCD.

Tell your dancer friends about DCD and encourage them to get in touch with us anytime – DCD is here for all UK professional dancers, from all genres of dance, at any point of their career or transition.

Be Social

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @dcd_dancers and on Facebook DancersCareerDevelopment and spread the word about DCD and your experience using #IamDCD and tagging us.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are some suggestions:

If, like me, you are a professional dancer thinking about what comes next after a performance career – make sure you speak to @dcd_dancers – a charity here to support all professional dancers through career transition | thedcd.org.uk  #IamDCD #dancers

For all my dancer friends! If you haven’t already, make sure you check out @dcd_dancers – a charity that is here to support all professional dancers to figure out what comes next after a performance career | thedcd.org.uk  #IamDCD #dancers

Whatever stage you are at, and whatever genre of dance you’re in, from ballet to contemporary and hip hop to musical theatre, charity @dcd_dancers is here to help you evolve into a career beyond performing, whenever the time comes | thedcd.org.uk  #IamDCD #dancers

Thinking about what comes next after a professional performance career? Charity @dcd_dancers can help. You don’t need a plan, you can come to @dcd_dancers any time | thedcd.org.uk  #IamDCD #dancers

@dcd_dancers has supported over 2,500 professional dancers in over 40 years to succeed in a range of diverse post-performance careers, from medicine, photography and film to management, fashion and floristry. Find out how they can help support YOU | thedcd.org.uk  #IamDCD #dancers

Charity @dcd_dancers offers professional dancers thinking about what comes next after a professional performance career opportunities for confidential one to one support, workshops, retraining grants, networking and upskilling | thedcd.org.uk  #IamDCD #dancers

As a DCD beneficiary, there are many other ways that you can give back to the charity. Find out more by clicking here.

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Help dancers take their next step in their careers beyond performance.