Grant Commitments Policy

Retraining grant awardees will have one-year period to start their award from the date of their signed Funding Agreement. Awardees have a maximum of 2 years from the date of their signed Funding Agreement to completing their award and submit their report to DCD.

After 2 years, any remaining monies of the grant will be returned to DCD for redistribution, unless in exceptional circumstances it has been agreed otherwise.
It is the responsibility of the awarded dancer to keep their communication details up to date with DCD. If in doubt please contact

Unclaimed in first 12 months
If an awardee does not commence within 12 months and has not communicated with DCD, we will confirm in writing that the award will now be returned for redistribution and they are welcome to reapply.

Requesting an Extension
If an awardee cannot commence their training/career development programme within the first 12 months, they may request an extension of up to a maximum of one year. This request must be made in writing to DCD. A final decision is made by the DCD Executive Director. This extension will be confirmed/denied in writing and updated on the grant record.

End of Extension
If it is still not possible to commence after the extension and so 2 full years since the grant was awarded, DCD will confirm in writing to the individual that the award will be returned to DCD to be redistributed and they are welcome to reapply. This deadline will be made clear at the time of the extension being granted.

Requesting change/redirect of award
Awardees may require a change to their award since the time of submitting their application. This could be due to changes/cancellations of the course or changes to the individual’s circumstances. Awardees must complete the redirect form – click here. This is possible if the change is minimal or for a similar course/field. If the redirect request is for less than the original award, the remaining grant will be returned to DCD for redistribution. Redirect requests decisions are made by the Executive Director. Any major changes to the original application would require a new application to be submitted to the Grants Committee.

Denied redirect / extension
If an awardee has submitted an extension or redirect request to DCD that is denied then the funds will be returned immediately for redistribution and this will be made clear in writing to the applicant that they are now welcome to submit a new application to DCD.

Requesting an extension beyond 2 years
In exceptional circumstances DCD reserves the right to grant an extension beyond 2 years. This is held at the Executive Director’s discretion following a written request from the applicant and will need to explain the exceptional circumstances for this request.

Course provider closure/no refund
If a course provider closes or cancels their course after payment has been made, it is the responsibility of the awarded dancer to request the refund payment to DCD. If there is no refund given and the money is lost, any future award amounts to the dancer will be at the discretion of the Grants Committee.

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