EVOLVE Digital

EVOLVE Digital is a series of free online career development workshops for all dancers in the UK

These workshops provide practical tools relating to career transition, as well as bringing dance artists together to help learn from and inspire each other.

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'EVOLVE Digital provides precious time and space to feel and reflect and think deeply with others.'

Professional Dancer, EVOLVE Digital workshop attendee


As life returns how can we be more able to engage with the world on our terms.

In this series of EVOLVE Digital workshops, DCD’s Director of coaching Isabel Mortimer will guide you through different tools to enable you to emerge more grounded and able to manage your life events as they occur. As typical to EVOLVE workshops we will be joined by a live speaker who will share their inspirations in dealing with challenge and how they managed to find their own voice.

Image: Isabel Mortimer, Director of coaching and Evolve Workshop Facilitator.

Workshops are facilitated by DCD Director of Coaching, Isabel Mortimer.

Dancers can sign up for multiple workshops. 

Limited spaces are available so early booking is advised.

All workshops will have closed captions and summary notes to be shared after the workshop. For any additional access needs please contact dancers@thedcd.org.uk, we will be happy to support you.

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