22 January 2021

EVOLVE Digital #6 - Anything is possible: Dreaming Big

28 January 2021

EVOLVE Digital #7 - What next? Decision making: values vs intuition

29 January 2021

ACT3 Psychology Workshop

Making the most of your dance down time. 1:30 - 3pm

1 February 2021

What DCD can do for you - 2pm-2.30pm

We are excited to be able to connect with more dancers, especially at a time when you may need some support. Come and join us for a chat about what DCD can do to support your career development and transition. Book on the link below.

17 February 2021

DCD Retraining Grant Deadline

Supporting dancers with the practical costs of transitioning into a new career.   Deadline 5pm, Wednesday 17 February

25 February 2021

EVOLVE Digital #8 - How to get out of your own way: managing negative thought patterns

26 February 2021

ACT3 Psychology Workshop

Practical tools for managing anxiety. 1:30 - 3pm

1 March 2021

Application Deadline - DCD Board and Grants Committee

DCD are looking to recruit 3 individuals to join the DCD Board of Trustees and 5 individuals to join the DCD Grants Committee. More details here:

9 March 2021

EVOLVE Digital #9 - Realise your own power: stepping into courage

17 March 2021

EVOLVE Digital #5 - Creating focused choices: managing emotions

26 March 2021

ACT3 Psychology Workshop

Finding direction in uncertain times. 1:30 - 3pm

31 March 2021

Free Coaching until 31 March

Free, one hour totally confidential coaching sessions. Capped at two sessions per month. Available to all professional dancers in the UK via Zoom, phone or Skype. Never had a DCD coaching session? Try it for free today!