1 April 2020

Free Coaching in April, May & June

  • Free, one hour coaching sessions
  • Available to all professional dancers in the UK between 1st April and 30th June 2020
  • Totally confidential, one to one sessions with a DCD Coach via Zoom
  • Professional dancers must meet a minimum of one year's professional experience to be eligible for coaching.
  • Free sessions usually worth £100 which can be used on top of any sessions you've already had.
  • Never had a DCD coaching session? Try it for free today!
  • Available nationwide

1 April 2020

One to One Conversations

  • Free, confidential and independent one to one support
  • Not sure where to start? A conversation with DCD can help you find clarity about your next step
  • You don’t need a plan and you can come to us at any point in your career
  • Get in touch with Ellen Chambers, Dancer Support and Programmes Officer, at to arrange a time to chat
  • Eligibility: Any professional dance experience
  • Available nationwide

30 April 2020

IOTPD Philippe Braunschweig Grant Deadline

  • A grant available to professional dancers who have had an international career and who don't qualify for support from any one of the countries where they have danced.

29 July 2020

DCD Retraining Grant Deadline

  • Supporting dancers with the practical costs of transitioning into a new career.
  • Due to the unprecedented current public health crisis, if you're thinking about doing a course or other career transition training sooner than this deadline, get in touch with us at to talk through how we might be able to help.