18 April 2019

London Coaching - 18 & 26 April

One to one coaching with DCD Director of Coaching, Isabel Mortimer.

25 April 2019

Leeds Coaching

Confidential one to one coaching in Leeds.

30 April 2019

IOTPD Philippe Braunschweig Grant Deadline

A grant available to professional dancers who have had an international career and who don't qualify for support from any one of the countries where they have danced.

10 May 2019

London Coaching - 10, 13 & 20 May

Confidential, one on one coaching with Isabel Mortimer - no matter what point you are at in your career or transition, coaching can help you to find the clarity and confidence to move forward in your life.

21 May 2019

Glasgow Coaching

Our DCD Coach is coming to Glasgow - book your slot now!