ACT3 Psychology workshops

Free and exclusive for current and former dancers from DCD’s Partner Companies

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Join former Royal Ballet Principal dancer Jaimie Persson and Ross McIntosh, Organisational Psychologists and experts in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), for a series of online training events this Autumn, exclusively for current and former DCD Partner Company dancers, and a small number of company staff.

Jaimie and Ross will demonstrate how to use the ACT model to build psychological flexibility, creativity and resilience.

The workshops are fun and creative and will focus on teaching you how to use a full range of ACT techniques, that can be applied to a range of life challenges. The sessions will combine theory, discussion and practice of the key techniques. Participation is always voluntary and everyone will leave with handy tools that can be used independently.

You can register for just one session or all three. Each session is run twice to give you maximum opportunity to take part. If your schedule changes – don’t worry! – you can rebook for another session.

All sessions will take place via Zoom.

1. Finding direction in uncertain times

Friday 6 November 2-3:30pm OR Friday 13 November 4-5:30pm. Book now.

For many of us, work and professional identities have been disrupted by the current pandemic and movement restrictions. Organisational Psychologists Jaimie Persson and Ross McIntosh will share some evidence-based skills to help us navigate our new working environments and contexts. They’ll be leading an exploration of our personal values at work. Using evidence-based tools, we’ll be exploring what’s personally important about how we each ‘show up’ as dancers and how we can bring these values to life in our behaviour in these challenging times.

2. Practical skills for managing anxiety

Thursday 29 October 4-5:30pm OR Friday 30 October 2-3:30pm. Book now.

Most people are experiencing increased and understandable anxiety as a result of the pandemic and the changes we have all had to make to minimise spread of Covid-19. Organisational Psychologists Jaimie Persson and Ross McIntosh explore 5 evidence-based reasons why the human mind gets anxious in times of uncertainty. We’ll share and practice some evidence-based techniques for changing our relationship with our anxiety. The skills you learn can be applied to cope with anxiety in different contexts, including in social and work situations.

3. Communication Skills – difficult conversations

Friday 20 November 4-5:30pm OR Thursday 26 November 2-3:30pm. Book now.

It’s quite human to put off conversations that just seem too difficult. In this workshop we’ll explore how this avoidance can impact on our lives and provide you with a practical tool to get some perspective and a framework which will allow you to arrive well in any conversation

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