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London Coaching - 21 & 28 March

21 March 2019

A focus on the future, from wherever you are right now.

Application Deadline - Glasgow Coach (self-employed DCD partner)

25 March 2019

DCD are looking to partner with an exceptional (self-employed) coach based in Scotland to conduct one hour, one-to-one coaching sessions with professional dancers in Glasgow.


26 Feb 2019

The Truth About Change

Change is scary, but try to take that first step. Be open to new experiences, try new things, give yourself the time you need to adapt to the changes in your life and career.

08 Jan 2019

It’s a New Year! Time to make those resolutions—or is it?

The fundamental, pivotal thing about setting successful goals is that they need to be powerful and motivating enough that you are driven to overcome any obstacles that crop up on the way.

11 Dec 2018

Transitioning into Leadership

Leadership comes in many forms and is a hugely personal journey.