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IOTPD Philippe Braunschweig Grant Extended Deadline

30 September 2018

A grant available to professional dancers who have had an international career and who don't qualify for support from any one of the countries where they have danced.

3 October & 13 November - Glasgow Coaching

3 October 2018

Confidential, one on one coaching. Book now for one of these October and November dates.


05 Sep 2018

What really happens at a DCD EVOLVE workshop?

Understanding ourselves better can really help navigate the change that’s coming or has even arrived.

14 Aug 2018

Akram Khan Reflects on Transition

Acclaimed dancer and choreographer Akram Khan speaks to DCD about his own transition from a performance career.

19 Jul 2018

Transition – a journey all workers share

Nearly everyone goes through a career transition at some point in their life and dancers have lots in common with other workers