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London Coaching - 3 & 13 June

3 June 2019

A two way conversation, offering dancers a safe space to explore the positive changes you may want to make in your life or career, and to find ways to put those ideas into action.  

Leeds Coaching

11 June 2019

Confidential one to one coaching in Leeds.


03 Apr 2019

Supporting BBC Young Dancer 2019’s Finalists

DCD works in partnership with many of the UK’s leading brands and organisations - we are proud to count the BBC as one of these prestigious collaborations, working together as part of the BBC Young Dancer series.

01 Apr 2019

Celebrating the life and legacy of Brenda Naylor

Brenda knew that DCD is an organisation offering very practical help to dancers coming to the end of their stage careers.

26 Feb 2019

The Truth About Change

Change is scary, but try to take that first step. Be open to new experiences, try new things, give yourself the time you need to adapt to the changes in your life and career.