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 Watch and listen to these film and radio clips exploring dancer career transition…

Slide Merritt Moore speaks to DCD
Professional dancer and astrophysicist Merritt Moore speaks to DCD about not having to choose between your passions.
Slide About DCD
A short film exploring the work of DCD and the experience of dancer transition.
Slide A Dancer’s Journey
A moving and powerful short film that follows the emotional arc of feelings faced by dancers as they move towards and
through the end of their performing career. Featuring DCD supported dancer, Eve Mutso. Written and directed by Emma Flett.
Slide Life After Dancing
DCD supported dancers talk about their transition from a performance career, featuring filming at a DCD EVOLVE
workshop - Al Jazeera English reports.
Slide Akram Khan - Reflections on Career Transition
Exclusive DCD interview where dancer and choreographer Akram Khan reflects on his own transition
away from a performance career.
Slide A Dancer Dies Twice
A gripping BBC Radio 4 documentary examining dancer transition and featuring DCD - A Falling Tree production.
Slide What Comes After a Career in Dance?
BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today Programme’ explores dancer transition including interviews with DCD supported dancers and DCD’s
Director of Coaching Isabel Mortimer (segment begins at 53 min into the programme).
Slide Hear from Kevin O’Hare
Director of The Royal Ballet
Slide Christopher Hampson
CEO and Artistic Director of Scottish Ballet

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EVOLVE Digital #8 - How to get out of your own way: managing negative thought patterns

25 February 2021

DCD and ACT3 present: Skills for Living

26 February 2021

Practical tools for managing anxiety. 1:30 - 3pm


23 Feb 2021

Guest Blog – Sara Dos Santos

Sara Dos Santos is a Portuguese born, London based choreographer, movement director, emerging cultural professional and DCD supported dancer.

25 Jan 2021

An Invitation To Be

DCD’s Executive Director – Jennifer Curry – invites dancers to approach January gently. At the start of a new year, many of us look to set new resolutions. What will we do differently in 2021? These tend to focus on what didn’t happen or go well in the previous year.   This year, I am […]

19 Oct 2020

Guest Blog: Part time student, full time dancer

Isabella Gasparini is a Soloist with The Royal Ballet, a role she combines with studying for a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at The Open University. Here, she shares a unique insight into her journey as a part time student and full time dancer.    What will I do when my dancing career […]