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09 Jul 2020

“Dance gave me an endurance that is unique”

We are delighted to welcome Simone Muller Lotz to the role of Interim Dancer Support and Programmes Officer at DCD, a role dedicated to supporting independent dancers in beginning and navigating career transition. As a former professional dancer, Simone brings a huge wealth of experience, knowledge and empathy to her work at DCD. Simone shares how […]

15 Apr 2020

Life in Lockdown – A unique view from dancer Mariana Rodrigues

In some way I've already gone through the sadness of not dancing and performing and of not being able to walk everywhere I wanted. But as I started opening up to the experience I learned some really important things.

09 Mar 2020

Celebrating Richard Alston Dance Company

DCD and Richard Alston Dance Company have partnered together for over 26 years, supporting their incredible dancers to explore their potential on and off the stage throughout and beyond their performance careers.