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London Coaching

21 November 2019

A focus on the future, from wherever you are right now.

Artist as entrepreneur: Future proofing your portfolio - The Way To Work Workshop

22 November 2019

A series of free workshops which will help performance artists develop practical skills to increase their employment opportunities both during and following a performance based career.


22 Oct 2019

Planting the seed

DCD's Schools and Conservatoires programme continues to expand its reach as we are working with schools from across the dance sector, from ballet to contemporary and Musical Theatre, across the UK.

30 Sep 2019

EVOLVE your skills set

What are YOUR transferable skills? At DCD’s EVOLVE workshop, we will take you through exercises to help you identify these for yourself.

17 Jul 2019

Dance Mama Live!

Parenthood can present financial, logistical and practical challenges for professional dancers to continue working in the same way and can be a strong factor in a dancer’s decision to change their working life.