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London Coaching

22 July 2019

Coaching is an invitation to take action and create the life you want. You may not realise yet just how powerful a tool it is – book a session and see for yourself!

DCD Retraining Grant Deadline

24 July 2019

Supporting dancers with the practical costs of transitioning into a new career.


17 Jul 2019

Dance Mama Live!

Parenthood can present financial, logistical and practical challenges for professional dancers to continue working in the same way and can be a strong factor in a dancer’s decision to change their working life.

24 Jun 2019

Best practice from around the world

DCD are pioneers in the sector, being the first transition centre in the world.

29 May 2019

10 years on: Learnings from my career journey

The scope of what you can do with your skills is exceptionally broad. I have done things that I never thought I could and have worked in roles that I never even knew existed.