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Dancer Transition on BBC Radio 4

A gripping BBC Radio 4 documentary examining dancer transition and featuring DCD entitled A Dancer Dies Twice, you can still catch it on BBC iplayer. and read the article 'Why Do Dancers Die twice?' here.

Featuring DCD retrained dancer Natasha Oughtred and DCD Director of Coaching Isabel Mortimer.

Listen here

Second Life Dance Gazette June 2014

1 Dancing Times Linda Yates September 2002
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2 The Stage Kevin Berry 29-3-2007
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3 The Times Educational Supplement Kevin Berry 24-10-2003
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4 Evening Standard Kate Crockett 2-12-2002
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7 The Independent Nicola Barranger
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8 The Stage Jean-Marc Puissant 23-10-2003
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9 Dance Europe Mark Welford February 2004
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