Our Stories - Delphine Gaborit

"Trust that when we want something, we can find a way to make it happen."

Delphine Gaborit is French and studied at The Conservatoire National de Region de Nantes before receiving a BA(Hons) in Dance Theatre from The Laban Centre, London. She has worked with choreographers including Carol Brown, Ben Wright, New Art Club, Lost Dog, Frantic Assembly, Jasmin Vardimon, Rafael Bonachella and Hofesh Shechter. Delphine performed in Work No 1020 by the artist Martin Creed.

Delphine has been a Guest dancer at Sasha Waltz and Guests in Berlin for the past 6 years and she recently joined Adam Linder in his latest production: Parade. She has been teaching along side her performing career for the past 13 years.

Delphine is currently shooting a series of conversations with artists, dancers and dance makers. She was guest hosting the Sofa Interviews and was the presenter for the official highlights and interviews at Move It 2014.

Dancers' Career Development supported Delphine in summer 2014 to undertake the TV Presenter Training Programme at The Presenter Studio.

"Two years ago I gave birth to a little boy and a transition that was naturally growing at the back of my mind came at the forefront. It was clear to me that dancing would never stop but that a change of life style would soon be needed to take place if I wanted to live life closer to home and my family.

During the two years on tour with Roman I wrote and consolidated ideas and got in touch with a cameraman which was the first step in finding out just how comfortable it is to sit in the interviewer's chair. It turned out it was challenging and exciting and the skills I needed where not that dissimilar to the ones I had developed as a dancer.

But I needed some sort of guidance to find out how to proceed and a chance to meet producers and put a foot in the industry. And that's where the DCD came to help. They funded a course, run by TV producers that are looking for talent and people who want to become presenters. The course was brilliant, I left with the chance to have a tape to take to other producers, and the course gave me time to articulate in which light I wish to present myself and what type of work I want or dream to do as a presenter.

Being in a transitional phase of a career isn't always easy or straight forward and is mostly daunting and a bit scary. But finding myself out of my comfort zone again and having the DCD's support gave me the boost I needed.

I guess for me what the course really did is give me the tools to do what I want to do and the confidence that I can get out there and do it.

Period of transitions are periods of introspection. That can sometimes resolve into feeling insecure or unsure about ourselves about what we can or not do. And I believe training and questioning should always be geared towards building that confidence, news skills and trust that when we want something, we can find a way to make it happen."

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