Our Stories - Ana Lujan

"I have qualifications, knowledge and skills, which I can use now and in the future."

Born in Valencia, Spain, Ana trained at the Ballet Clsico de Valencia and at the Rambert School in London. She has dance with Ballet Clsico de Valencia (1990-1993) Rambert Dance Company(1995-2006) and Phoenix Dace Theatre (2007-2008). As a professional dancer, Ana worked with many major choreographers around the worldincluding Richard Alston, Merce Cunningham and Siobhan Davies to name a few.

She has also created choreographic works for Rambert School, the workshops at RDC, The Curve Foundation Dance Company in Edinburgh, Scotland, Resolution, for a short Film (Helena) and for the DancEUnion European Festival at the South Bank, London. One of her works,"cervaNtes," was part of the Phoenix Autumn Tour Programme.

DCD supported Ana in 2005 to undertake a coaching course and in 2009 to undertake a BA in Management and Leadership.

"I always had motivation to bring the best out of individuals but didn't have objective skills to do so. I was taking responsibilities in different institutions as a choreographer, teacher in the dance sector; also, was a leader as a dancer within a group of dancers. I had an injury, the first one in my whole career in 2005. I contacted DCD to explain my desire to put technical terms into my dreams and what I thought qualities.

DCD offered me an incredible moral support, my self esteem improved because they were providing me with a structure to take steps forward. After my first meeting with DCD, we spoke about the possibility to take a Personal & Corporate Coaching course with Rivas Palmer. I had to present DCD with a letter explaining the reasons why it was important for me to have the financial support and to achieve a place in the course mentioned. The letter was then evaluated by the board at DCD, and the outcome was positive. The course was completed and the skills learned were very useful for me to apply to myself, my live and to use in any situation and with any individual. I could have an income from the qualification obtained.

After having completed a satisfactory career as a dancer in the UK, I was presented with a situation where I had responsibilities covering skills as a director and leader in a dance company. I applied the skills from the Coaching course to overcome all the responsibilities in the situation. I was given a title as a Rehearsal Director and then as an Artistic Associate in the dance company.

2008-2009- After I completed my period as a director/leader in the dance company I wanted to put theory into the practice that I had. I was also ready to try to relocate to my hometown after my last 17 years working and living in the UK. I contacted DCD and explained the situation. They gave me the advice to complete a Management Course with the Open University ; the board offered me the opportunity to do so with the bursary to cover course cost and maintenance for 10 months. I don't have words to explain the moral support they gave to me.

The most important thing is that DCD makes you feel as if you are not alone. They give you support in terms of guidance and resources to achieve a transition in your life. It can be frightening to leave a career and move into something completely different but DCD is there, caring about the person.

I have qualifications, knowledge and skills, which I can use now and in the future. The journey isn't finish but my steps feel stronger to overcome the present and the future.

You are responsible for your self and your life; yes DCD is there for you, but you have to be accountable to appreciate and make productive this opportunity that they give you. I can make order of my thoughts, my dreams, my desires to achieve a desirable outcome."

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