Our Stories - Roy Campbell-Moore

Scottish Ballet dancer and Co-Founder, Diversions Dance Company > International Freelance Dance Photographer

"Every dancer has to move on eventually and the value of the Dancers' Career Development Financial Retraining Grant was a great confidence booster to feel that other people also believed in me and in the power of retraining for career change. Dancers' Career Development helped me to grab hold of my passion for my photography and to give access to the life-long learning that has always been a part of my life. The Financial Retraining Grant has now set me off around the world doing what I love most, taking photographs of dancers and showing that work to the public.

At the age of 21, I qualified as a Radio Technician before leaving to train as a ballet dancer at Rambert. At the age of 32, after a six-year performing career with Scottish Ballet, I retrained as a contemporary dancer. In 1983, with my partner, Ann Sholem, I co-founded Diversions Dance Company, directing the Company until 2006 when I retired as Director and became Associate Artist to the Company. From 1999, I had a desire to create live-performance dance photographs and began to self-train to work with digital cameras and to use Photoshop as a digital darkroom. My images soon gave Diversions a massive leap forward in public presence and when it became the National Dance Company of Wales in 2009, my work helped to consolidate and underpin the Company's international reputation.

In 2010, I committed to becoming an independent dance photographer-artist and I applied to Dancers' Career Development for resources to buy the camera and computer equipment to launch my new career. After three years and a complex and awkward period of transition, I now work internationally as a freelance dance photographer mostly working to commission and developing a range of online and exhibition outlets for my work.

I was eager to be able to give something back to the organisation that has supported me so much in my career development, to help them to reach more dancers like us."


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