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'Life as a professional dancer is intense and all-consuming: there can be little time to plan ahead or know how to achieve new ambitions for a second career. By helping to fund my MA studies (in Dance Education and Training) DCD supported me through the transition from performer to educationalist.

I can honestly say that my second career is even more fulfilling and challenging than my first, and I have DCD to thank for providing me with the financial support I needed at that time.'

Amanda Britton. Principal & Artistic Director

Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance

A 2011 survey showed that 89% of retrained dancers are still working in the profession they retrained in and 77% agree that their retraining helped them to gain their current employment. 100% of retrained dancers would recommend DCD to friends.

Key Statistics - 2011 Survey

Our Stories

Gabrielle Austen Browne - Founder of The Engagement Co.

"The one promise I made myself was that if I went on to re-train I would give it absolutely 100% and I would walk away with a Distinction or the highest accolade possible no matter what it took, and that's what I did!” Read more

Photo credit: Richard Moran

Phil Sanger - Life Coach and a specialist in personal and professional development

“I have learned that there are no limits. Dance training prepares us for much more than movement.” Read more

Clare Meardon - Dance and Pilates teacher

“If I didn’t have the support from DCD I would not be where I am today..” Read more

Maria Hayday - Education Manager

“My eyes were involuntarily opened to all the amazing possibilities lying outside of the dance world. My experiences have really made me appreciate the vast wealth of transferable skills we, as dancers, intrinsically carry with us.” Read more

Gerry Turvey - Choreographer, Workshop leader, Performer, Yoga teacher

“I very much appreciated the continuing support from DCD…it was all so helpful to the whole process of transition.” Read more

Morgann Runacre-Temple - Freelance Choreographer and Filmmaker

"The skills we nurture as professional dancers are quite remarkable; the dedication, the attention to detail, the self-responsibility...those skills are transferable if we allow them to be." Read more

James Barton - Soloist at Birmingham Royal Ballet

"Because of my experiences with coaching my life has completely changed." Read more

Tanya Richam-Odoi - Cranio-Sacral Therapist

"The excellent support and guidance that you will receive from the DCD will enable you to flourish on your new path." Read more

Josh Tuifua PDTD, RAD RTS - Dance Educator

"NEVER underestimate your transferable skills. You are a creative, a team player that has a lifetime of high pressure problem solving skills under your belt and that’s just the tip of your very talented iceberg." Read more

Anna Lowe - Programme Manager, British Council

"With unique experiences to draw upon, dancers often have a refreshing take on the ‘norm'." Read more

Andrew Hurst - Manager, Coach, Consultant

"Don’t worry or be afraid if you don’t know what you want to do, or feel a bit lost at times – this is a normal part of the process and will pass." Read more

Clare Rickard - professional in musical theatre and yoga teacher

"I have learnt that nothing is impossible! I am so grateful to DCD and happy to be contacted by others who may be considering the same career change!" Read more

Daniel Pascal-Tanner - Womenswear Designer

"Being a dancer is a real privilege and achievement. If you’ve succeed once in achieving your dream I guarantee you can do it again." Read more

Dane Hurst - Independent Creative Director, Dancer and Choreographer

"DCD is absolutely fantastic and we dancers rely so much on their work and support." Read more

Dickson Mbi - Choreographer

"The DCD offered so much support to me; not just financially, but more emotionally, and really took their time to listen to my ideas in a safe and welcoming manner." Read more

Adam Salter - Personal Trainer

"You have to face your fears and plan ahead and talk to as many people as possible." Read more

Cameron Ball - Marketing Professional

"DCD has been instrumental in assisting me with the transition from moving away from a career on the stage." Read more

Ayo (Jones) Smith - Personal and Executive Coach

"Transitions can feel overwhelming and daunting, however they can also be a great source of reflection, a time to pause, gather thoughts and to learn". Read more

Robert Gravenor - Filmmaker

"Although it is challenging facing so many uncertainties and it can be unnerving at times it's really important to be happy and enjoy the journey." Read more

Tim Blowfield - Dance Teacher

"This increased knowledge, as well as the fact that I will attain a respected qualification, has been very empowering." Read more.

Emma Greenhalgh - Massage Therapist

"Think about the possibilities before you think of retirement." Read more.

Lisa Welham - Fitness Professional

"Now I'm working for NBC Universal as their Fitness Brand Ambassador" Read more.

Jenna Lee, Professional Choreographer

"It's great that DCD welcomes dancers to come in at any stage of their career and chat about the future." Read more.

Rebecca Lee, Professional Photographer

"You have to build your new career brick by brick and DCD will support you through every step if you need to lean on them." Read more.

Sarah Beardsworth, Pilates Instructor

"To lead the life of a dancer takes years of dedication, commitment, drive and determination - qualities that are an asset in all work places." Read more.

Anneli Binder, Production Manager

"Be patient with yourself and allow for things to fall into place." Read more.

Tim Cross, Professional Dance and Theatre Photographer

"I suddenly found myself surrounded by people who understood where I had been, where I was at that moment and most importantly what I could be." Read more.

Chloe Wilkinson, trainee Dance Movement Psychotherapist:

"I really believe I have blossomed through this process" Read more.

Ingrid Mackinnon, Movement Director and Teacher

"Be patient when trying to figure out what your next path will be. It's OK to ask for help." Read more.

Delphine Gaborit, TV Presenter

"Trust that when we want something, we can find a way to make it happen." Read more.

Rosie Noctor, Costume Designer

"I wish to continue with the same determination of a dancer, just on the other side of the stage!" Read more

Leon Baugh, Osteopath

"The dance world is amazingly supportive and good people always saw me through." Read more

Clare Wilders (Goodman), Scuba Diving Instructor and Dance Teacher

"As dancers, we are naturally versatile and adaptable." Read more

Tiit Helimets, student on LEAP Programme:

"Do not underestimate your capabilities." Read more

Adrien Mastrosimone, Opera Singer:

"Don't be afraid to try new things." Read more

George Long, Garden Designer

"Think carefully about re-training, what you want to get out of it, and how DCD can help you". Read more.

Roy Campbell-Moore, International Freelance Dance Photographer:

"Dancers' Career Development helped me to grab hold of my passion for my photography and to give access to the life-long learning that has always been a part of my life." Read more.

Nelson Fernandez OBE, International Arts Producer and Cultural Facilitator

"I found I had strengths that I did not know I possessed." Read more.

Ana Lujan Sanchez - BA in Leadership and Management

"I have qualifications, knowledge and skills, which I can use now and in the future." Read more.

Florence Peake - Performer, choreographer and teacher

"It has increased my skills and given me an exciting, rich, varied career that keeps expanding." Read more.

David McCormick - Creative director, SnakeOil Media and Senior Lecturer at The University of Winchester

David McCormick Case Study

Jane Butler

Bursary Profile - Jane Butler

Kevin Muscat

Kevin has worked with companies including Matthew Bourne's New Adventures, Featherstonehaughs, and with Will Tuckett at the Royal Opera House. After receiving a DCD Bursary in 2009, Kevin is now a highly successful designer, working with artists such as Kylie Minogue and Cheryl Cole.

Kevin Muscat Profile

Luke Baxter

Luke Baxter Profile

Spencer Soloman

Spencer Soloman Profile


Annual Reports

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Annual Report and Financial Statements Year Ended 31 March 2016

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Feedback from dancers:

"DCD have been one of the most supportive organisations I have come across for an independent dance artist like myself.

They made me feel instantly comfortable and welcome, everyone I have spoken to has been friendly, open and understanding and they continue to be supportive in any questions, doubts or queries I have about anything."

Sioda Martin, independent dance artist

"DCD truly understands all the elements of transition and is able to guide, encourage and support the unique souls of dancers. Contacting the DCD early in my career proved to be incredibly beneficial and I would advise dancers to do this sooner rather than later, even if they are nowhere near retiring.

A dancer’s career passes all too swiftly. When it ends, you have to reinvent yourself. The DCD are a unique organisation, specifically committed to aiding dancers through this very daunting time."
Joanne Orr, former Scottish Ballet dancer