DCD's programme of Transition Support Services are available to all professional dancers, at any stage of their career.

In order to be eligible to apply for financial assistance from DCD, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

- Been a professional dancer for at least eight years (we do not count any work done whilst undertaking formal dance training)

- Worked for a minimum of five years in the UK

Professional dancers are eligible to apply for up to ten years after they cease performing professionally.

Independent dancers

Our Independent Division offers guidance and financial support to help all dancers to develop new skills, or even start up a new business. To qualify for financial grants in this category applicants must have:

  • Fulfilled the eligibility criteria above
  • Demonstrate that you have earned an income as a dancer for a minimum of 16 weeks in each year, on average.

Company dancers

Our Company Fund enables us to offer support to professional dancers who have worked with companies contributing to DCD. To become eligible for grant assistance under this scheme you must have fulfilled the eligibility criteria above and spent at least five years with one or more of the following contributing companies:

Contributing Companies

We actively encourage Dance Companies from across the UK to become DCD contributing companies. To discuss the benefits of joining the scheme and how we can work together to best support your dancers, please contact Jennifer Curry, Executive Director, on 020 7831 1449 or jennifer@thedcd.org.uk.

Retirement on medical grounds

Should dancers have been unable to meet the above criteria for the Independent or Company Division of DCD because they have been forced to retire due to illness or injury, we may still be able to help. Contact us for more information.