Ali Golding MSc, PG Cert SEN, BA(Hons)

"I was inspired to consider Career Transition as an appropriate topic to express my gratitude to the DCD for their support of further study"

Holding Up Identity Abstract

Holding Up Identity

Statement of Intention

"In the midst of a buoyant artistic career, as it was dance health related issues that forced a time out situation, I was inspired to consider Career Transition as an appropriate topic to express my gratitude to the DCD for their support of further study. Transition is a difficult topic which is seriously under researched, therefore even though it fell outside the parameters of the Dance Psychology course module, it became my intention to begin to highlight and address the gaps in the research.My personal journey has certainly been unexpected and as my biography documents, my research interests have since taken me in an entirely different direction. However, it is my heartfelt wish that there are others for whom this theme will resonate and be encouraged to continue this research. Special thanks to Jennifer Curry for recognising the value of giving this area of research the necessary platform"

Notes on Author

Ali Golding has over 25 years experience as a professional choreographer with credits encompassing theatre, television and film. In sharing this experience she has been faculty member and guest artist of many of the leading London vocational educational institutions, a presenter/keynote speaker at 'MOVE IT' National Dance Conference, Olympia 2006/2009 & published author in Dance UK Quarterly National Magazine. Currently an associate artist of the Royal Academy of Dance she is also a dance movement scientist, researcher, lecturer and educator, with an MSc in Dance Science, a PG Cert in Special Educational Needs and trained to evaluate and teach Neurophysical Psychology within an educational setting. In this capacity Ali has an editorial publication in Primary Times (2012) and is a research fellow of the charity MEfA for whom she has been a representative keynote speaker at two annual conferences 2012/2013.

Her current research work developed from her final MSc project (undertaken at TrinityLaban), which focused on the relationship between physical and cognitive development in children. She has continued to work as a practitioner and researcher in this area and is consultant to developing practice-based applications of this research in mainstream and SEN school-based programmes. Further information on these research developments and internship opportunities can be found via the MovementWorks website

Additional research on dancers' career transition also developed as part of her MSc studies.